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The Doctor October 13th 20 01:40 AM

1 month old kittens
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cshenk wrote:
The Doctor wrote:

At lat, a stray young felame cat brought her litter to safety, on
mostly white and a grey tabby with curls. Both kittens are 1 motnh
old. The mother brought them to our place for safety! The mother is
allowing us the play with the kittens. This young mother cat is a
bit timid approaching us at times.

How do we err on the side of caution to help out
this family. Also our 2 male cats show not signs of jealousy so far.

Smile, she is not a feral and wants a nice safe home. You have been

WEll, she is sure feral but is slowly coming in the house. We have to learn to
let her train her kittens accordingly. She has removed the kittens twice
already. Once for human interfernce. The other might have been for
discipling the litter. Still she heads for the nearby bush.
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Peter W.[_2_] October 13th 20 01:00 PM

1 month old kittens
I would suggest the term "wild" vs. "feral", as if she were truly feral, you would never have seen her in the first place.

You might try the Feliway, and you might try the tincture of Valerian - the first calms cats in general, the second is an analog of valium for cats, with shades of strong catnip. However, unlike valium, you cannot overdose.

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