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I've wondered the same thing. I swear my cat had an upset stomach or a
"bug" one time. He threw up several times in a 24 hour period, didn't eat
much and was not acting his normal self. He's an indoor cat so I don't
think he got into something he shouldn't have. I called the vet, made an
appointment for the next day, fed him Hill's I/D (which is for intestinal
upsets), and gave him 1/4 of a pepcid. Next day he was fine, eating
normally, not vomiting. So I canceled the vet appointment. Vet tech did
tell me that cats can get upset stomachs sometimes. But it wouldn't hurt to
have your cat checked out if her condition continues for more than a day or


It never hurts to get checked. A poster on another board noticed his kitty
was lethargic and not eating and made an appointment.She seemed much better
the next day and he almost didn't go, but decided to just in case, even
though she seemed better. They discovered she had an enlarged heart and a
murmur, plus a little fluid on her lungs. He now knows to be very vigilent
and get her in the moment she seems off. So you just never know, so better
safe than sorry.