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Yesterday, my cat Bear wasn't her normal self. She stayed in and rested on the
couch. At that time I just figured she was napping. Nothing out of the

When I got home last night from work, I could see she wasn't feeling good. She
not eating and is weak. A few moments ago she threw up but no food was present.

She is a healthy cat and always has been so I'm not sure what is wrong. Is is
common for cats to get sick with a virus or flu like people do? She has all her
shots so I'm hoping its just a passing illness.

I'm hoping its nothing serious and that she gets better soon. I will be taking
her to the vet today.

If she goes outside, she could have eaten something bad or come in contact
with another sick cat. Cats do get viruses, much like people, and no
vaccination is 100% effective (just like the human flu vaccine, they help a
lot, but don't always prevent sickness).

More than likely, she'll get over it just fine, but if she ate a poisoned or
sick mouse or bird, or other bad substance, she could get very ill. I'd take
her to the vet just to be sure everything is cool, since she goes out and you
don't know what she might have gotten into. My cats have never vomited with a
normal "cold". So, it would worry me.
Then again, I DO tend to be a little overly willing to bring my cats in to
the vet. Better safe than sorry for me.

Hope Bear gets better.

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