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Ranger McDude
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Default Lazt Cawl ...Volunteerz for Cat America Oficers

PiPPs would wike to be
Diplocat 2 Catnada
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Experience being traned bai mai Unka Mosey hooiz at RB sins Aprul
He teeched meh ubaoet munny n hoo tu hulp n
BOOKS cood beh Ranger side kik with the mischief part ifdat iz umakey
Jezt sum thots Fangu fur yer catsiderashun BOOKS N PIPPSY

Da Committee fur Monitoring Mischief allez needs more kitties. Dere is
just so very much mischief to be done, and so liitle time to do it!
Books, duz you want to be da Vice Chaircat of the committee?