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Default Lazt Cawl ...Volunteerz for Cat America Oficers

Francesca the Fierce wrote:

On 2018-01-28 19:00:49 +0000, cshenk said:

Pit2nya wrote:

Deze spotz ar still opin ...
Purrleeez konsidur filling dem.
Plus some 'Vice" Occifurz, if yu wish.
We kin giff it wun moor week...

Diplocat 2 Moon,
Diplocat 2 Catnada
Chancellor of the Exchequer,
Secretary of Defense

Grand PoohBah of CatAmerica
(and yur frend )

SECDEF is already Cash last post.

An I'z wouldn't mind being da Vice SecDef. Is is fierce!

Francesca the Fierce

Gotcha! I edited that in.