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Default How to catch and get homes for 2 kittens

On 7/18/2013 1:29 PM, wrote:
There are two kittens that have been living outside my apartment complex (College Park, MD) without a mother. I tried to catch them to bring them to a shelter so they can find a good home, but they are too scared. Does anyone have any recommendations about how to catch them, and furthermore, how to best find homes for them? They look like they're around 6 weeks old. I called all of the local animal shelters and animal control offices, and no one will put out humane traps for them.

leave bowls of food out on your porch. every day, move them a foot
closer to your door, then in the door, then inside the door. sit there
when they're eating so they get used to you.

they're young enough that they will come to you eventually. a few more
weeks, maybe not.