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dgk wrote:

On Sat, 23 Mar 2013 07:52:07 -0700, "Bob F"

dgk wrote:
For me, the small risk that something will happen to them is more than
offset by the enjoyment they get by being "free" outside. I've had
eight cats during the 16 years that I've had this fenced in yard. Four
have died, but none because they were allowed to go out. Four are
still enjoying the yard and will do so today when I get home.

And your neighbors just love yout cat's poop in their spinach.

Six month old message. Still, you should be able to read those
important words "fenced in". That means that my cats stay in my yard.

Oddly since that post was written, one cat, my favorite, died in the
yard. I heard a weird noice, looked up at the window, heard it again,
fainter, and I went to check. I found Espy under the deck, dead. Vet
said heart attack. At least he got to die in the yard that he loved so
much. And no spinach was hurt in the incident. I do grow tomatoes and
string beans back there and it's the bird poop I'm concerned with.

It's always something, isn't it? The up side to bird poop is that it is
rich in phosphates, and definitely good for your garden.

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