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Arjun Ray
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In , Stacy Lynn

| I was bitten by a kitten this morning.

| I also reported it to animal control.

That was a death sentence.

| In any event, the animal control came and trapped one of the baby
| kittens and the mom. 3 kittens are still unaccounted for.
| The cats will most likely be put to sleep after a 10 day quarantine
| period.

If you are in New York City, you're wrong. By statute, the retention
period for ferals is 72 hours, but that hasn't been observed in years.
As soon as the holding cage is needed - which may not be even 24 hours -
it's curtains.

| They are wild, as wild as any wild creature. The kittens have a
| chance of being rehabilitated.

Not by the CACC. Make no mistake: calling Animal Control has only one

| They are 6 weeks old. But i don't know if it will happen.

It won't. The mamacat and the kitten are history. The other three may
make it in the wild - 6 weeks makes them barely viable on their own.

| I was moving some wood around in their hiding place when I was bit.

Did you know they were there?

| I'm trying to console myself with the thought that they would just
| have a life of pain and hardship if they idn't get caught

I'm not sure what you're trying to say. That you couldn't have helped
these kittens and their mother even if you wanted to?

Do you put food outside for strays and ferals?

Do you call Animal Control every time you see a stray or feral, on the
street or in your back yard?

You didn't say if Animal Control was going to come back for the other
three kittens. I'm guessing they won't unless you call them again.