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On 6/21/2018 1:10 PM, Judith Latham wrote:
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jmcquown wrote:
There is this rather antiquated listserv thing called the Dataw Net
where I live. It's sort of like an intranet email server for people who
live here.

Someone just posted the "Any one missing a very friendly cat. In our
yard at [address]."

Here's the picture someone snapped of what is a beautiful tortie!

I am hoping this cat is an escapee from someone's air-conditioned home
and the people who snapped the pic and reported it find the cat's owner.

It's 96°F outside today. Feels like 100F. Not a good day to let your
cat run around outside. In a fur coat. LOL It sure is a pretty cat.


I've only just seen this Jill.

Have you heard anything about the owner being found?


There was no follow-up sent about the cat. I sure hope the owner
claimed it!