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On Monday, July 31, 2017 at 9:01:28 PM UTC-4, cshenk wrote:
Peter W. wrote in

Mark, Mr. Schenk:

Two things: I did state that if one wishes to dilute the value of
words, us Lynx or Mountain Lion to understand the point.

Then, consider William of Occam - "semi-feral" is neither. Neither
semi (anything) nor feral (anything).

Answer one question, carefully: Were you to find/trap a genuine
European Wild Cat under your control, would you attempt to 'gentle
it' into a house pet? That is a yes/no question. Once answered,
please apply that answer to the next actual Feral you encounter. They
are NOT, in any way, shape, form or after however much wishful
thinking, anything like any sort of barn cat, stray cat, homeless
cat, nor any other sort of human-interactive cat at any level,
however removed. Full stop.

Please answer.

Peter Wieck
Melrose Park, PA

Peter, lets start that you can't even spell my nickname, nor did you
have any reason to assume my sex (got it wrong BTW). You also changed
breeds off the domestic line.

Unless you have OCD issues, the world is not 'black or white, with no
shades of grey'. If you do really think the world is a yes or no place
with no shades of color, then I am sorry that you feel that way but
will endtrans the conversation as not worth my time.

Lets try it another way. How many years and in what capacity do you
have with cat rescue?

I have 37 years at it, working my ways up to to harder cases. It takes
time, patience, knowledge, and willing to accept what will not change.


I have been rescuing - and not from shelters - cats at one level or another for very nearly 50 years now, and on two continents. None of the present incumbents are rescues at this time, but the most recent was about six years ago and placed with one of the kids. We keep only two cats at a time, usually very long times.

I do notice your evasion of the direct question: What would *YOU* do were you by accident or design in control of a European Wild Cat?

In my case, it was: that my wife and I found injured and barely conscious on the highway between Riyadh and Khobar - not by a vehicle, but probably by some other predator. After having it vetted, cleaned, and a few stitches (all the while tranquilized) it became clear that this one was no domestic cat (the Bedouin are very fond of cats for many good reasons - so seeing cats away from civilization is not uncommon). The vet kept it for two days to make sure that there were no complications - it drank but did not eat - and then I returned it to where we found it. It did not look back.

So, your answer?

Peter Wieck
Melrose Park, PA