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Default Male cat FLUTD UTI problems

thank you sweetie, here have a bowl of nip, anti soft
"mosey =^..^=" wrote in message

"Kelly Greene"


i meant this or that treatment works... to spew that sort of thing does
not allo9w for differences in cats or issues at all and i find cultish at
best and stupid at worst, Lee

Then take a break from these NGs and learn about cat nutrition.

Here's some good links to start you off:

shredded wif sharp clawz
Kelly Greene , diz iz gnot da rite groop tew dixzcuz diz matur at awl n
yoo dunt git tew tawk tew Auntie Lee wike dat..nope
I taked owt da crosspoastz tew, so dere!!
Bad mrrrrrrrrrrrrt