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Default A big Ooops!

I'm not fond of being scratched, however inadvertently. Since Buffy
won't let me trim her nails I've taken to putting a folded towel across
my lap when she wants to sit on me when I'm typing.

After a play session with her earlier I wanted to check email and
newsgroups. I put the towel in my lap when she started circling around
my feet. I wasn't quite ready for her to jump up, though. She jumped
up, the towel slid off my lap and she went kerflunk! onto the floor.
She took the towel with her. Ooops!

In typical cat fashion, she looked at me like "I meant to do that". LOL

I got the towel situated back on my lap and she jumped right up. This
time I was ready. No slip-sliding away. I patted her and gave her
scritches. She purred. She was in my lap for a while after I starting
typing this post.

She *really* doesn't like it when I'm typing. Bast forbid I should be
typing *and* talking to my SO on the phone! (He doesn't own a computer
and occasionally asks me to look things up for him.)

Hey, Buffy, I don't complain when you sleep all the time. Why don't you
time your naps for when I'm sitting at the computer?

Oh wait, that would take detract from your cat status as my Owner.