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Default Spring Pawty Time!

On 2018-04-09 19:21:04 +0000, Sundance and/or Rebecca said:

Fangkz, Sammy. I'll head over dere rite now.

By da way, who iz in charj of Fluffykitz now? It belonged to yourown
sisfurz an myown sisfur, but dey iz at da Brij now. Did we inherit it
when dey left? I heered frum Rebecca's raccoon fren Rocky, an he iz
still lukkin after da warehowse. If I inherited Rebecca's part, I will
have to git Toonya to hewp myownself, kuz I duznt know nuthin abowt
purrparin fudz.


Yeah, I fink it became ourz. Rocky is doin a great job.

Miz Toonya, ould youz like to help us keep Fluffy Kitz going?

I'z run across a couple of potential catering chefz dat might want to
help us. Dere's Roxanne da Skwirl, and Bunny da Bunny - dey is bof good

Are dere any catering chefs in da Community?