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Default Spring Pawty Time!

Hey, Toonya, gess whut! I found sum of da wate dat I losted -- almost a pownd! Datz da gud nooz. Da bad nooz iz dat I had to go to da TED to find dat owt. Da last time I went, da meen TED sed dat Meowmie had to shoot myownself wif beez efurry week -- 12 of dem!

(Whatz dat, Meowmie? B12, not 12 beez? Same fing. Yes, it iz so da same fing. Now stop inneruptin an git bak to sekkaterryin!)

Enneeway, maybe da beez hewped. Or maybe it hewped dat I haz fud in myown bole awl da time now (even tho I duznt alwaze rememfur dat itz dere). Or maybe it hewped dat Meowmie iz doin herown job betterer an stayin wif me wile I eetz. Whutebber it wuz, I iz doin betterer an I fingkz I haz enuf ennergee to do more dan juss nap -- of !orse, napz iz alwaze gud enneeway!

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