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Default Modern (Wedge Head) Pure Bred (Pedigreed) Siamese Kittens

Modern (Wedge Head) Siamese has 2 types. First type is the regular
Modern (Wedge Head) Siamese. Second type is Modern (Wedge Head) Pure
Bred (Pedigreed) Siamese.

Yes the major difference between Modern (Wedge Head) Siamese cat and
Traditional (Apple Head) Siamese cat obvisouly is thier slander body
shape as well as the small wedge head with its exaggerated pair of big
ears and a pair of deep vivid blue eyes. Let me use the human body as
an example to illustrate the difference between them. Traditional
(Apple Head) Siamese is as if you are picturing a heavy weight (250
lbs and beyond) of a female body. On the other hand, Modern (Wedge
Head) Siamese as if you are picturing a slim, fit, athletic, and
healthy body with perfect proportional bone and muscle structures (110
lbs and less) of a female.

For the temperament and health, Modern (Wedge Head) Pure Bred
(Pedigreed) Siamese cats are far more better than Traditional (Apple
Head) Siamese cats and Modern (Wedge Head) Non Pure Bred (Non
Pedigreed) Siamese cats. Modern (Wedge Head) Pure Bred (Pedigreed)
Siamese cats are going back to its origin stage of the true Siamese.
Their origin stage has an excellent temperament with human beings from
the age of 0 years old to the age of 100 years old and beyond. This
origin stage temperament is very stable as if a guardian of human
beings. They used to be called the temple of guardian. Their origin
stage has a beyond excellent health, too. Otherwise, how to be the
temple of guardian without excellent health?

To own a Modern (Wedge Head) Pure Bred (Pedigreed) Siamese kitten is
very expensive. Each of their cost is more than USD $1,500. However,
not every person can actually afford it financially. Fortunatelly,
some breeders would like to introduce the most beautiful and
exceptional high quality Modern (Wedge Head) Pure Bred (Pedigreed)
Siamese to all cat lovers by sacrifing its expensive market price.
Therefore, there are still some but not very many of this kind of
experienced Modern (Wedge Haed) Pure Bred (Pedigreed) Siamese cat
breeders want to sell you thier kittens below the market price.

Modern Siame Cattery has over 50 years breeding experiences of Modern
(Wedge Head) Pure Bred (Pedigreed) Siamese. Modern Siame Cattery
registered under the world famous Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) in
the United States. You may visit the world wide web
to contact "Modern Siame Cattery" to own your very first Modern (Wedge
Haed) Pure Bred (Pedigreed) Siamese kitten by paying below the market
price ($650 per kitten with Grand Championship blood line from
kitten's parents and ancestors).

If you are truely Siamese cat lovers, you must inquire a Modern (Wedge
Head) Pure Bred (Pedigreed) Siamese kitten from Modern Siame Cattery
immediately. Good thing won't last!!!