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Default Anudder Purrdae...

On Friday, July 6, 2018 at 10:52:43 AM UTC-7, ann wrote:
On 7/5/2018 1:05 AM, wrote:
Fifteen yeerz ugo, mine meowmee wuz resqued.
Den she had kittahz in hur resque house. On Jooly 6th.
Wun ov dem wuz mee! Mine kitttymeowmee an summa mine siblinkz styll live there. A fue mumffz laytur mine meowmee an Pawpaw 'doptid me.

So mine fiffteenth purday is diz Friday, Jooly 6th.

We will hav a liddul pawty in mine klubhouse, wiff uh pinyada shypt like un pawball, moozik and refreshmmintz awl dat day.

No gneed to rsvp...See ya there!

Pit2nya AKA Sweety, Yur Grand Pooh-Bah, and gudgud frend

Happy purrday to another July kitty.

Samwise for his house

Chee, Tankz, Samwise!