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Suddenly, without warning, exclaimed
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m wrote:

This is why I send myself an email and save it in a special location.
And the email contains the username and a hint. No actual password.
And I know what the hint means. I have made up numbers that go with
certain things, so I know what the combination is, how many digits as
they vary, and what order and what punctuation.

I never write down my passwords, but I do know where to find my hints
as I have various passwords at a ton of websites. I would never be
able to remember which password goes with which website without my set
of hints. I can't even remember my usernames sometimes, and I only use
a few of those. I was just at my employer's website to review a
paycheck stub. It took me 15 minutes to remember that my username for
that account is my checker number, not a word.

Do you keep all the hints + websites (or other places where you use
passwords) in one file? And then if you have to log on to a site, you
look in that file to see the hint for that site? It sounds like a good

Yes, I send myself an email for each hint, so I can go back and look
for the email for or my isp provider, etc. Then open it and
see my username and hint. I have a separate folder for these emails,
so I know where they all are. And if somebody found it, they would
have my usernames, but they wouldn't know what the hints mean. How
would they know what "old goal" means? Not even my family has a clue
what my goal was or what number I associate with it. I also have a new
goal hint, and a variety of others.

There are apps that will do this kind of thing for you. I use Password
Safe, which is free and pretty easy to use.