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Mark Carroll wrote in

On 26 Jul 2017, wrote:

d) d) Feral cats – these are cats that have never had a
‘people’ home, probably for generations if ever.

So, be exceedingly careful when characterizing any animal as
“feral”. It is not a simple descriptive, but a very specific

] 1. A domesticated animal that has returned to the wild; an animal,
] particularly a domesticated animal, living independently of humans.

Indeed, the Oxford English Dictionary confirms even, "Now often
applied to animals or plants that have lapsed into a wild from a
domesticated condition."

So, be exceedingly careful when assuming that your definition is the
only appropriate or acceptable one. Also note that those of us reading
are quite able to form our own opinions of John Doe without your
telling us what to think.

-- Mark

Correct Mark, though I don't have John Doe's message here.

I joined a cat rescue message group some years back thinking I might be
able to help with harder case semi-ferals and ferals. I'd been doing
cat rescue fostering for 35 years by then.

Semi-feral is a rescue term here used for 'had human interaction likely
but has been living wild an estimated 4 years or more'. Many colony
cats and barn cats fit loosely in that area. Peter is trying to define
those as strays or alley cats. No skin off my nose if he wants to do
so, but he will mismatch with common use of rescue organizations and
the general public if so. When put up for adoption, tend to be called
'Alley Cat' and seen plenty called 'Diamond in the rough' if they were
minimally impacted and adapted/re-adapted well to people.

They aren't allowed to list them as feral here for adoption (I do not
know why, possibly impressions like Peter has?).

I can tell you the story of Daisy-chan if interested. It shows the
difference that Peter doesnt grasp.