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Default Chloe goes to the vet

On 2/2/2013 6:56 PM, Joy wrote:
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Our Chloe has had diarrhoea lately so we took her to the vet to find
out what the problem was. Turned out she was slightly hyperthyroid,
so we'll be treating that. She's pretty old (about 16) so it could
have been a lot worse.

She's only been to the vet once before, years ago when she had
dental problems. I was amazed at how well she travelled. She
meowed a couple of times on being put in the carrier, but not at
all on the bus or at the surgery. She actually seemed to enjoy
the trip, looking around and purring with no effort to hide or
get out.

I wish Goofy was that relaxed with the carrier. It really bothers him

yay for Chloe's successful visit.

Yes, that's wonderful! Actually, both of those things about Chloe are
wonderful. Pickles absolutely panics when I put her in a carrier, which is
why she hasn't been to the vet since I realized that.


Wonderful about Chloe, for sure! Persia gets so upset when she's in the
carrier she throws up