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Default Chloe goes to the vet

"Jack Campin" wrote in message
Our Chloe has had diarrhoea lately so we took her to the vet to find
out what the problem was. Turned out she was slightly hyperthyroid,
so we'll be treating that. She's pretty old (about 16) so it could
have been a lot worse.

She's only been to the vet once before, years ago when she had
dental problems. I was amazed at how well she travelled. She
meowed a couple of times on being put in the carrier, but not at
all on the bus or at the surgery. She actually seemed to enjoy
the trip, looking around and purring with no effort to hide or
get out.

I couldn't help thinking of the old ladies in the village who get
a regular trip by minibus to meet for bingo in their day centre.

The only cat we've had with an even more positive attitude to the
vet was Mingus (RB), who would jump into the carrier as soon as
we opened its door. We figured he was looking forward to his
ketamine high.

Boyfie knows when gets into a carrier and goes in my car, he is going to the
vet and he cries pitifully, as does Tigger when they go together for their
injections to keep them safe.
Sometimes it is cruel to be kind.
They cry like crazy and their paws get sweaty on the vet's table but they
both come home safe from most cat diseases.

I have to now encourage Tigger's momma to do the same for her dog.
Oh, don't start me on that. I would be ashamed by the dogs behaviour. She
got up on the table and ate from the plates.
I said what the ? and my brother just praised her.
I can tell you that I would knocked her (kindly) off the table.
He is just the same with his children, everyone else has to do the
His dog still wees in the house. He hasn't asked me for help.
My dogs got clean and dry by 4 months old.