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Default Peeing in corners

On 5/15/2015 4:05 PM, Sylvia M wrote:

My daughter's cat, Cleo, started peeing in corners of the room with her
litterbox, and on the rug in the foyer.
This may have started when they acquired a puppy, golden retriever, now a
two-year-old dog.

Cleo uses her litterbox for b.m.s and sometimes urination, (it's a self
cleaning box).
Daughter has changed litter, changed to just a covered litterbox . . . no
Cleo will pee on aluminum foil when it covers the corners where she does
This is a pain for my daughter to clean up every day, and sometimes Cleo
will find another place on the wood floors to use. instead.

Not a UTI, has been checked repeatedly. Vet has no opinion as to what to



Are you familiar with Dr. Elsay's Cat Attract Litter? The scent is
designed to attract cats to the litter box. I have not had personal
experience with it, but many people have had great success with it. The
same company also makes Dr. Elsay's Cat Attract Additive. That comes in
a small container and is designed to be sprinkled on the top of the
litter. There are also a lot of success stories with it. You can find
a description and several reviews if you go to This would
be worth a try even if it is a behavioral problem.