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Default Peeing in corners

"Sylvia M" wrote in message
I've been out of town, visiting my daughter and her family, and attending
my granddaughters university graduation. . . that's the good part.

My daughter's cat, Cleo, started peeing in corners of the room with her
litterbox, and on the rug in the foyer.
This may have started when they acquired a puppy, golden retriever, now a
two-year-old dog.
They mostly co-exist, and since the dog is not allowed in kitchen, dining
or living room, (he's very obedient about that)
that's mainly where the cat hangs out. He does get overly friendly with
sniffing and licking her. Then they get into a fight and then she runs
into the kitchen , behind the cabinet island, or into the dining room.

Cleo uses her litterbox for b.m.s and sometimes urination, (it's a self
cleaning box).
Daughter has changed litter, changed to just a covered litterbox . . . no
Cleo will pee on aluminum foil when it covers the corners where she does
This is a pain for my daughter to clean up every day, and sometimes Cleo
will find another place on the wood floors to use. instead.

Not a UTI, has been checked repeatedly. Vet has no opinion as to what to

My daughter thinks it's an "attitude problem" . . that Cleo does it
because she doesn't like the dog. She was there first.
Any solutions, beside "get rid of the dog" ?



No, sorry. Litterbox problems are difficult - Boyfie will simply not use
one for pooing in and we're still having problems with him pooing in the
bath in the early morning. But at least he wakes me up to say he has to.
If I ignore him, I hear him scratching in the bath - that gets me up!
He is out until midnight, I stay up to make sure he has the opportunity to
toilet outside so I'm not happy about it. There is nothing wrong with
him, it's becoming a behavioural issue because he wants me to get up to be
with him.
And once he had to poo in the bath in an emergency, and it got me out of
bed, so now, why not do it every day?

I tell you why, because if he keeps doing it he will spend the night in the
conservatory instead of his bedroom.