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On Sun, 30 Jul 2017 16:36:15 -0000 (UTC), John Doe

Mack A. Damia wrote:

Say, what are you all doing in here flaming one another?
This group is dedicated to the love of cats.

And flaming flamers...

Ah, that's where you're hung up. Asking a simple question and making
a simple statement is not "flaming".

Do try to remember that and take your sniping somewhere
else. Pookie doesn't mind so much as she's a fighter, but
Bubba is quite the sensitive one. She is still very
nervous and wary over Trump's "groping" remark.

Please inform your cat that there is no such thing as a man
grabbing a woman's pussy. It never happens. It was only
rhetoric. Most grown-ups know that.

But cats don't understand, and Bubba was groped as a kitten. Also,
Trump has walked into the dressing rooms of beauty contestants without
notice. There are some of us who know who and what he is, and it's
not a pretty sight.