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On Sat, 29 May 2004 20:55:50 -0400, Kreisleriana

Speaking of polydactyls, here are the cats resident at the Ernest
Hemingway Museum in Key West, Fl. They are descendants of Hemingway's
six-toed cat, Snowball, and most are also six-toed. You'll notice
that they are named after some of Heming way's favorite people.

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Thanks for the link. I had heard of all the cats who live at the
museum, but this is the best link I've run across for information
about them. Couple of funny/interesting facts here. Like the story of
how the cats are founded up for annual shots. Also glad to hear that
the old practice of selling kittens as souvenirs is a thing of the
past - hated that when I heard of it a few years ago. Now the adults
are neutered to keep the population stable.

Way back when, in the mid 60s, we rescued a days old polydactyl tuxedo
kitten when it was dumped in the foothills with its littermates.
Mittens was the sole survivor ;-(( We weren't the best of owners, so
he was never neutered. When we brought him home, all the neighborhood
cats were tabbys, but by the time Mittens went to the RB, polydactyl
tuxedo was the norm.

Don't have nay pix of Mittens, but one of his descendents, Tarheels,
born about 10 years after he had gone to the RB, can be seen at
She was quite the character who used to chase dogs away from our yard
- no matter how big the dog was. Unfortunately, she was the victum of
traffic back in the 70s.
Steve Touchstone,
faithful servant of Sammy, Little Bit and Rocky

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