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Default Happy Manxgiving!

Sundance and/or Rebecca wrote in

Happy Manxgibbing to yoo, too, but a liddle late. Az fur ussez,
Meowmie bandoned ussez to go hab a gud time wif herown fambly. We wuz
lefted wif onky wadder to sustain owrownselvez. An after awl dat, she
didnt evin bring home ennee leftoberz -- no turkeebird, no punkin
pie, nuffin!

Sundance the disgruntled, for his house

OHHH! IZ be MAD at dat! Wez gotted to guard dat turkybird az it
cooked frum all intruders both sides den had to be outta underfeets
when dey took it out (hard I know, but wez managed). Den we sniffed
til our noses almost felled off but as soon as it wuz cool enough, wez
gotted turkeybirdie!

Wez not gotted any pie but wez got ENDIVE! Cash anna I got to split a
leaf anna Daisy chan got a nibble. Cash let me have the whole crinchy