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On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 6:18:57 PM UTC-8, cshenk wrote:

On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 8:45:58 PM UTC-8, Pit2nya wrote:
Booker, I rememfurr dat yu wanted tu get aktiff in rpcc???
Heow bowt beink Assistant to Vice Prez Grand Pooh-Bah.
Yu kin lern da ropes while Sunnydance and I get oldur an think bowt
retirerink, an hewlp in da BooTeek sumtimz. an sine yur nayme
(sumtymes) like dis:

Pit2nya, Grand Pooh-Bah

BOOKS here
ai wud beh honored tu beh Assistant to Vice Prez Grand Pooh-Bah uh huh
n ai kan ulso hulp Ranger MacDude wif da misceef ishues az wull
Fangu vury mutch Mme Pit2nya, Grand Pooh-Bah

A Meowmie waits fur directions on da list. The Grsnd Pooh-bah is
practicing wif excel(ent) software so it is not moot fur mee to post
just now or update until she says it's ok.

I wud berry mutch appurrciate it if you wud purrleeze du diz fur us.
Meowmee is deown wiff sumpin kawld 'bronchial asthma" so hur hed is mushy rite now.