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On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 6:18:57 PM UTC-8, cshenk wrote:

On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 8:45:58 PM UTC-8, Pit2nya wrote:
Booker, I rememfurr dat yu wanted tu get aktiff in rpcc???
Heow bowt beink Assistant to Vice Prez Grand Pooh-Bah.
Yu kin lern da ropes while Sunnydance and I get oldur an think
bowt retirerink, an hewlp in da BooTeek sumtimz. an sine yur
nayme (sumtymes) like dis:

Pit2nya, Grand Pooh-Bah

BOOKS here
ai wud beh honored tu beh Assistant to Vice Prez Grand Pooh-Bah
uh huh n ai kan ulso hulp Ranger MacDude wif da misceef ishues
az wull Fangu vury mutch Mme Pit2nya, Grand Pooh-Bah

A Meowmie waits fur directions on da list. The Grsnd Pooh-bah is
practicing wif excel(ent) software so it is not moot fur mee to post
just now or update until she says it's ok.

I wud berry mutch appurrciate it if you wud purrleeze du diz fur us.
Meowmee is deown wiff sumpin kawld 'bronchial asthma" so hur hed is
mushy rite now. Pit2nya

WEZ happi to hekp!

*** Offseefurrz ov Catmerica, by title and rank ***
Original Grand Pooh-Bah - Lovable Louise
Grand Pooh-Bah - P2nya
Vice Grand Pooh-Bah - Sundance
Assitant to vice grand Poohboah - Books
Prezident uf Catmerica - Daisy-Chan
Vice Prezident uf Catmerica - Lucy Lu
Secretary of Defense - Cash
Co-secretary of Defense - Francesca Silverkitten the Fierce
Diplocat 2 Canada - Pipps
Diplocat 2 Egypt, and Temple of Bast - MeOwy
Diplocat 2 Furrance - Open
Diplocat 2 Mexico - Lucy
Diplocat 2 Moon - OPEN
Diplocat 2 White House - Pi2nya
Diplocat 2 Doggies - Daisy-chan
Diplocat 4 Doggies - Iowna
Secretary of Agricultshure - Lorelei
Secretary of Educating Humans - Little Kitty
Senior Adviser 2 Secretary 4 educating Hoominz - WooToo
Co-Secretary of Elder Kitties : - Daisy-chan the magnifiscent Note:
If we get a 2nd name, render both as Co-chair and list alphabetically
Co-Secretary of Elder Kitties: - Samuel Redcat Mahoney
Secretary of Bittees - OPEN
Secretary of Exterior - Wascal
Secretary of Fudzs - Beauty
Secretary Uv Hoomin Welfare - Beauty
Secretary of Interior - MeOwy
Assitant to Secretary of Interior - Miss Tina Marie
Secretary ov Nappin an Wappin - Francesca Silverkitten the Fierce
Vice Secretary ov Nappin an Wappin - Iowna
Chancellor of the Exchequer - Pipps
Assistant Offseefurs Lizt Keepurr - A Meowmie and Fangz
Chief Justicat - Samuel Redcat Mahoney
Assistant Chief Justicat - Pipps
Sheriff of the Catmerica Police Department - Rosco P.Catrane
Deputy Assistant to Sheriff - Rowan
Deputy Chief Inspektor - Sundance
Police Dispatcher - Little Kitty
Document Examiner - Lilith Kitten Mahoney
Deputy Dog of Fire Prevention - Cash
Bittie Committee: - Maggy Mae
Co-Secretaries of Bittees - Wascal
Co-Secretaries Assistant to Bittees - OPEN Was Squeex
"The Maggie May Bittee Committee": - Minnie, Shadow,
Sundance,Sunrise and other kitteez
Fixing the Human Economy - SamWise
Chaircat of da Committee fur Monitoring Mischief - Ranger Greykitten
Assistant Chair of da Committee fur monitoring mischief - Pipps and