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On Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 12:52:28 PM UTC-5, Jill McQuown wrote:
Have you ever had this happen? Buffy loves a particular brand of dry
food. It's the store brand - Publix *premium*. Good quality food. In
a side by side comparison with Blue Buffalo brand it ticked all the same
boxes. The first ingredient was chicken, second brown rice and it
contained cranberries for bladder health. Buffy loved it!

She gets fed wet food with a little dry on the side. Apparently the
store has started stocking more brand name foods (e.g. Rachel Ray's
Nutrish). They're ridiculously expensive and come in (equally
ridiculous) tiny bags.

I know they aren't just out of stock because I couldn't find a spot
where the 7.5 lb. bag might fit on the shelf. That was the perfect size
bag, too, because I have a sealed storage container for her dry food
that can hold almost 10 lbs. of dry kibble. It worked out perfectly!

I stood in the aise reading ingredients lists on bag after bag. I
finally settled on Purina One Indoor Advantage. First ingredient
turkey, second rice. 3.5 lb. bag. We'll give it a try. If she likes
it I'll have to start buying two bags at a time (@ $7.81 each).

It seems every time I find a brand of *anything* (not just cat food) it
gets discontinued. sigh When it comes to my beloved Buffy, I prefer
not to mess around when it comes to her food. But I'm also not willing
to pay $17 for a small bag of cat food. Thanks for letting me vent.


From the website This is what Publix had to say:
Our pet food is produced here in the US by Mars Petcare in TN. The manufacturer informed me that they source their ingredients from the United States using suppliers located near their manufacturing facility when possible.

I would look into one of their other types of food including the following: ROYAL CANIN®, WHISKAS®, NUTRO®, SHEBA®, DREAMIES™, Eukanuba, IAMS,