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On 12/7/2017 9:27 AM, ann wrote:
On 12/6/2017 12:52 PM, jmcquown wrote:
Have you ever had this happen?¬* Buffy loves a particular brand of dry
food.¬* It's the store brand - Publix *premium*.¬* Good quality food.
In a side by side comparison with Blue Buffalo brand it ticked all the
same boxes.¬* The first ingredient was chicken, second brown rice and
it contained cranberries for bladder health.¬* Buffy loved it!

She gets fed wet food with a little dry on the side.¬* Apparently the
store has started stocking more brand name foods (e.g. Rachel Ray's
Nutrish).¬* They're ridiculously expensive and come in (equally
ridiculous) tiny bags.

I know they aren't just out of stock because I couldn't find a spot
where the 7.5 lb. bag might fit on the shelf.¬* That was the perfect
size bag, too, because I have a sealed storage container for her dry
food that can hold almost 10 lbs. of dry kibble.¬* It worked out

I stood in the aise reading ingredients lists on bag after bag.¬* I
finally settled on Purina One Indoor Advantage.¬* First ingredient
turkey, second rice.¬* 3.5 lb. bag.¬* We'll give it a try.¬* If she likes
it I'll have to start buying two bags at a time (@ $7.81 each).

It seems every time I find a brand of *anything* (not just cat food)
it gets discontinued. sigh¬* When it comes to my beloved Buffy, I
prefer not to mess around when it comes to her food.¬* But I'm also not
willing to pay $17 for a small bag of cat food.¬* Thanks for letting me


I have run into the same problem with cat food being discontinued.


I wonder what people who have fussy cats do when that happens? I'm
pretty sure Buffy won't mind the switch but while I was standing there
reading labels a woman told me her cat will only eat one brand.