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Default Hello I am a new member

Welcome to the Group Katherine

My Name is Matthew I am proudly owned by 6 furballs and I love in Orlando
Florida near the mouse's house

Rumble a 7 year old diabetic epileptic a silver currently deep gray
charcoal due to weather change furball
Phantom a 12 year old black grumpy pain in the butt
Dumplin an 9+ black Maine coon
Spirit a black and white 4 year old
Limo a another black and white female around 8 who is a crabby furball
and our newest member Ka'Shay ( don't ask ) a red female tabby Hemmingway
7 toes on one foot 6 on the others
she was brought home 6/21/06

All my furballs are true physical rescues long stories on each

A big welcome from the pack

"kittyscastle" wrote in message
Hi all my name is Katherine and I have 4 children..... London age 9
persian, Genevieve age 8 DSH swils, Scotland age 7 DSH (he's
"special"), Lil Nicky Jimmy age 7 DLH orange and white (but he prefers
to be called ginger colored). We live in PA with our meowmie and our

Thank You
Katherine and the children