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Default Additionz an Changes tu Occifurrz


On Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 3:32:01 PM UTC-8, Pit2nya wrote:
Sheriff Rosco P. Catrane iz aktink as Caretaker of Hoomins tu hiz
Meowmee. Hur sed we kin add him tu da lizt, since he iz b-hayvink
diz way... Since Rosco considers himself a Caretaking Kitty, we
wyll add him tu da lizt. He's Lilith's brudder, an iz uh purrfekt
replacement, since we need wun.

Still Open:...Ennycat volinteer??
Document Examiner
Diplocat 2 Furrance
Diplocat 2 Moon
Enny udder vollunteerz?

We wylll pozt in April

Pit2nya, Grand Pooh-Bah

BOOKS asks Kan I be diplocat to da Moon pleez ?

Added by A Meowmie, fur Da Pooh-Bah by direction.