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First, the Bengal Breed was developed by crossing the ASIAN LEOPARD CAT
with a short haired domestic. That makes the Bengal both a hybrid as
well as a domestic cat. The eat the same thing any other domestic
breed eats and are subject to the same ailments as any other domestic

They are are very intelligent animal, most have a fondness for water
and have been known to take a swim in the bathtub (with or without)
their owner present, and to actually join their owners in the shower!

They love to play and some can be taught to fetch, as well as many
other "parlor" tricks.

Secondly, they are a recognised breed and eligable for show and Grand
Champoin status.

And last but not least, they make fantastic companion animals and
become very attached to their owners.

Do a search for "Bengal Breed History" and see what you come up with,
it should beinteresting.


We have a Bengal mix. OK, it's a mix. He is attached to Joan in an
unweaned kitten kind of way, and needs her and occasionally me to hold his
tail as he sucks it. He loved to play with a fishing pole toy, and is an
excellent jumper. He is also a great mouser.

Despite his together and ferocious appearance, he is a complete coward. He
tries to disappear in the corner of his carrier.

He will develop a cyst or tumor if he gets a shot. I understand this is
common in Bengals.