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Default I can't Change the Earth's Orbit

What is there to say? Cats love puddles of sunshine.

This time of year where I live the sun shines into the living room early
to mid-morning. This is where Buffy loves to play and then find a sunny
spot to take a nap. On various pieces of furniture or on her (ancient,
inherited from Persia) crackle sack.

Unfortunately, the earth keeps turning. This time of year the sun
shining into the living room shows up early and disappears around noon.
There won't be any sunny spots for her to enjoy until late afternoon.
In the dining room.

She looks at me and meows, like I should be able to do something about
the lack of sunny snooze spots. Sorry, Buffy. I don't control the
solar system. Maybe you could commune with the mothership but we
wouldn't want to knock the Earth's axis out of whack just so you can
have more sunny snooze spots. LOL

Don't worry, girl, the sunshine puddles will show up again in a few
hours on the dining room floor. You can take another sunny nap.