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Default Da Olympix ? From BOOKS & PIPPSY sent Tuesdai-Feb 13 2018

Ranger McDude wrote:

On 2018-02-14 01:56:51 +0000, said:

Furst uf awl hai n Happi Valentinez Daai on da 14fGib yer sweetie
uh hart shap nip sumfin..uh huhPipps smiles and sez My Wink Ranger
gibed meh uh boootiful red stone hart shape to go on my winking
colar..hym is sew sweet I gibed Mai Ranger McDude uh noo helmut
fur hiz teleporter -en red Nao are we en da UhLimpix?

BOOKS reeeeally wants to skate on da ise n hym iz funnee on et
Hym can reely zoom faaaaaaaaaazt
BOOKS skates fastfast by PIPPSY sticking hiz tungue out at hur, n
duz uh high jump, spinz uhrowdn in uh blur , n landz wif uh fazt
twirl n landz on hiz butt, wheeeeeeeeeee dat wuz FUHN BOOKS
stands back up, but fallz bak down cuz hym got tew dizzy frum
spinnin, but et wuz wurf it G

Hoo else wunt tu try skatin ?
Pippsy rolls her eyes and declares, "I do not know him"

Ranger tightens the straps on his new helmet, takes a deep breath,
and launches himself on to the ice. He has no problem getting his
front paws to work together, and his back paws to work together, but
getting the front paws to cooperate with the back paws seems to be
more difficult. He glides along the ice smoothly other than the fact
that his rear paws are rotating in circles around his front paws.

He tries unsuccessfully to steer his rotating self, and he ends up
running in to Books, the two of them forming a very elegant pile of
fur on the ice.

Iowna sniffs the ice. She knows this one! Only the size of the rink
is unknown. She heads out as Cash whines softly about wet toes. She
stops him at the gate and gives him a friendly lick then heads out as
he watches.

Iowna remembers her show dog years and loved ice skating best of all.
She heads out slowly and makes little woffing sounds. Her head tilts
from side to side as she hears the echos back. Gently she speeds up as
she checks echos. She makes a slow round quite close to the edges and
flips her head as she measures the close wall to the far one. Once she
has it, she glides to a stop and grins.

Then with a flurry of movement, she pushes off with all 4 paws in
perfect unison, frst looking like she is almost rowing as the left side
starts then the right side kicks as the left are in air. She gains
speed until the curve then drops all 4 down the lower on her right side
with her left legs extended and her right side legs gently guide both
the curve and add speed.

Grinning, she speeds along then as she hits the flat away, she uses her
turning paw as she lifts all other paws up and spins backwards.
Reversing her body, she is now skating backwards. As she hits the
curve, she angles her body to accomodate the speed so much that her
ears dust the floor. As she comes to the flat, with a grin she comes
to a slow almost stop then works her way to Books and Ranger and
snuggles in for a moment to warm her paws.

Daisy-chan urges Cash onto the ice (she actually pushes from behind)
and they move on. They make careful swirls until ash learns to not push
off too much from his back legs. They land in a few tangles until he
gets it mostly. At the end, he sits on the ice and pulls himself with
his front legs to the group. Ice version of doggie paddling works!