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Default Time for catacopter tours

On 2017-10-15 05:01:04 +0000, Francesca the Fierce said:

Da surveilance satellites all da time ignore da catacopter, seeing as
how it has da Roadcat logo on da side, so it'z gettin to be time to
start wif some catacopter tours. We'z got accomodations for kitties,
doggies, penguins, and lotz of other aminals.

Wez will start by flying along da Larsen Ice Shelf, den down along
Palmer Land to da Ronne Ice Shelf, den we can bisit any of da Antarctic
stations, or any ub da inneresting geographicalalal features.


Francescaa makes sure that the onboard teleporter is working, so
kitties (and others) can teleport from the catacopter to the ground if
they need to leave, or from the ground to the catacopter if someone
wants to board after takeoff.

She does a walkaround inspection of the catacopter, then she starts the
engines and gets them warming up. She does the powered portion of her
preflight, finds all is as it should be, and makes a boarding call for
all interested parties. Ranger and Sammy help make sure that everybody
is strapped in and has their seats and heateres adjusted for comfort.
Ranger then adjusts the left-hand seat in the cockpit to have room for
2, and he and Pipps get themselves secured.

The copter lifts off, and Francesca flies it out of the large opening
in the side of the ice shelf. She climbs to an elevation of 500 feet or
so, then turns the copter towards the south.