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Haardvark2 quoth:
Yesterday, my cat Bear wasn't her normal self. She stayed in and rested on the
couch. At that time I just figured she was napping. Nothing out of the
When I got home last night from work, I could see she wasn't feeling good. She
not eating and is weak. A few moments ago she threw up but no food was present.
She is a healthy cat and always has been so I'm not sure what is wrong. Is is
common for cats to get sick with a virus or flu like people do? She has all her
shots so I'm hoping its just a passing illness.
I'm hoping its nothing serious and that she gets better soon. I will be taking
her to the vet today.

After spending $400 and scaring Sebbie (who was at the time a
newly-socialized feral) by taking him to spend a weekend at the hospital
three years ago with what ended up being called "fever of unknown origin," I
give my cats 24 hours observation at home before calling in the vets when
they're lethargic, lose their appetite, or lose their lunch. (More
serious symptoms get them to the vet pronto.)

A few months ago a bug went through my (at the time) three cats. For each
it lasted 2 days: one day of lethargy with loss of appetite and/or
vomiting, one day of diarrhea, then back to normal. One by one they
started feeling poorly and then perked up again. I could have drawn a map
of the progress of the virus through the tribe. All well afterwards,
everyone back to top form eventually.

So, yes, cats can get bugs just like people. I don't know about the flu,
but minor bugs definitely.