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Default Cat grooming --- a new trend of pet industry

As pets getting more and more in normal family, almost every family has a pet in their house. And the pet industry has become stronger and stronger. So the pet supplies also become larger and larger. Cat grooming is also a good service industry. Bathing cat is also a big problem to we cat owners.
And there are many other kinds of bathing methods. Such as cat flea bath, kitten flea bath and even cat spa. So kitty washing machine is necessary in our daily life. I have encountered such washing machine on the website. It was called auto cat washer, this is also one kind of cat grooming machine. My cat Mimi loves this auto cat washer. As we all know, the cat absolutely scared of water. Take my cat for an example, every time I washed her just like to kill her from her eyes. I know she is so scared of water but what a surprise she love this washing machine.
It looks like this cat washing machine eliminates her fear of water. It is so fantasy
see more details he