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On Sat, 20 Aug 2005 20:40:26 -0400, "Bill Stock"

The pictures!

Hey, that's enough 'nip to get charged with cat class felony
distribution. I hope you know a good lawyer!

Sadly, my Kenzie doesn't even react to fresh catnip. She just ignores

My two RB kitties (Lucky and Blizzard; ESPECIALLY Blizzard!) were real
'nip heads. I got fresh catnip from a friend; I used to call it 'kitty
crack'; compared to stuff I bought in pet stores, it was at least 10
times stronger. They would race around for a little while, rolling over
and over, and climbing the walls, and then wind up in a corner with a
silly look on their faces, until they fell asleep.

How I miss my RB kitties. I had forgotten their obsession with catnip!

I used to keep it in the refrigerator; when ever they heard me open the
door, they would run into the kitchen, hoping for a 'nip fix!

"Life without cats would be only marginally worth living."
-TC, and the unmercifully, relentlessly, sweet calico kitty, Kenzie.

How you behave towards cats here below determines your status in Heaven.
- Robert Heinlein

Life is very difficult. Once you understand that, life becomes easier.