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Default Can someone tell Smokey, cats don't like bafs!

On 6/9/2018 6:51 PM, Bill Stock wrote:
Smokey is the sole remaining kitty from our original clowder, but she is getting up in age. Between her arthritis, her laziness and her belly she finds it hard to wash some of her parts. Combined with her loose stools this has led to a sticky/stinky cat. But she still has all of her marbles and she still seems to enjoy ordering the humans about.

We clipped some of the matting out of her bloomers which helped, but it was difficult to get her to hold still for this and did not immediately solve the wet poop problem. So one day I grabbed a small waste basket, filled it with warm water and got an old tea towel. The response I got when she had her first sponge bath was not what I expected. There was a lot of sharp mews and attempting to wash the bum led to a prolonged session of elevator butt. She is more ladylike about this now, she lays on her side and lifts her leg when I tell her I want to wash the bum. :-) She seems to equate her bath with the premium version of being brushed.

The baf has become a daily ritual now; she lays on her mat in my office and screams at the human. Tonight I asked her if she wanted a hug or a bath and got a very loud response to the bath. :-) Usually if you give her a list of choices, you get a blank stare for all of them.

YMMV, don't try this at home without protection.

Just another proof (as if any of us needed it) that all cats are not alike.