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Mack A. Damia wrote in

I have two, and Pookie is about one year older than Bubba. Both

I spoil them; they are house cats and do not roam outside.

Recently, we took them to the vet to get their bottoms trimmed of long
fur as they were having accidents in the litter pan. We got Pookie in
the carrier alright, but Bubba really put up a fight, and when we got
her in the carrier she howled very loudly like a dog all the way to
the vet. It was really bad, and not only that, she peed in the
carrier, too. They each had their own carrier, too.

It was a struggle at the vets and not very pleasant. Strange thing
was that after we returned home, Pookie was visibly angry with Bubba
and did a bit of hissing and scratching.

We don't want to have to go through that experience again, and we have
bought electric clippers to trim them ourselves, but we don't think
that we will ever be able to travel with them again, especially Bubba
- not that we ever did before, but I think I remember we took them to
the vet a few years ago when they got shots, and there were no

Any comments or suggestions? Thanks!

They may have used some scented cleaning solutions. That made your cat
'sniff like a stranger' for a bit and caused it.