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Question Clicker training discussion thread

I'm using a book to learn how to clicker-train my cats. I've been doing it for 5 days with Ebony, and 3 days with Blackie. The book I am using so far is "Getting Started Clicker Training for Cats," by Karen Pryor. We 3 have all learned a lot so far. My question is for anyone who's familiar and using clicker training. With two cats, how's the best way to do this? The sound of the clicker draws both cats. The idea is to reward a cat for doing something funny, cute, or desirable. Instantly click and feed a treat when an action happens that I and the cat both like. Trouble is that (1) they each like different kinds of treats. (2) when I reward one with a click/treat, the other one thinks I am "talking to" him/her. The Cat Circus/Acro Cats woman has 6-8 cats she clicks for tricks on stage. I've seen this amazing show. So somehow she manages to "talk click" to one at a time while others are on stage.