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Christine Burel
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Purrs, Karen; how frustrating! Still sending positive vibes Grant's way!
"Karen" wrote in message
I got a call this afternoon. Thinking GREAT it's OVER. Instead, they

tell me Grant needed to fast!! Poor guy sat there for 6 hours and nada.

just frustrated. No harm done and all but it is so annoying and poor Grant
has to go back again tomorrow. Still the good news is bloodwork was all
good. I have an awful feeling this is not going to be one of those cases
with a definitive answer I still think it is a stubborn hairball. I'm
just hoping they can grease it out of him. He did not seem overly
traumatized and he just goes into his "I'm going to pretend I'm not here"
bit when going or being at the vets. I went right away to get him and
lavished attention on him at home until he was a puddle of purr and then
came back to work. It's still annoying but I just have to put it behind