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Karen wrote:
I got a call this afternoon. Thinking GREAT it's OVER.

Sh!t - that sucks!

I just went back and read Grant's history. It sounds *exactly* like
the beginning of what I went through with Peewee (age 11 at the time)
when he passed his giant hairball. It started with vomit, bits of
hair, progressed to bloody bile, then vomiting food. Then no poops -
all the time the vet couldn't diagnose ($500 later...) and wanted to do
exploratory surgery. I knew it was a giant hairball, so yanked him out
of that vet, took him ot a cat specialist, and she agreed for me to
take him home and nurse him for a few days to see what happened. I fed
him Purina DM canned food (diabetic diet - high in protein, esy to
digest), cooked chicken, low-sodium chicken broth, hairball grease (I
forget which one) and Nutrical. I even gave him a little milk,
thinking it would loosen his stool. I offered LOTS of water all the
time - kept fresh bowls everywhere. It eventually worked - he pooped
out the giant hairball from hell (like 8 inches long and an inch and a
half or more wide - two pieces), two smaller hairballs, one containing
grass, and threw up some more. Then he was more-or-less back to
normal. I think the hairball remedy food I had him on 9Nutro) sort of
made the problem happen, or made it worse - it was way too high fiber,
and he hadn't had enough water. Just helped cement the hairball plug.

Anyway, I'm just offering this story to you as an example of how to get
through the hairball if it is, indeed, a giant hairball.

Hope Grant feels better soon, in either case.