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Default Somewhat OT - spiders

"---MIKE---" wrote in message
I have always been sort of creeped out by spiders. About 11 years ago,
I worked at a water park. One day there was a huge spider at one of the
slide splashdowns. It was about 4 or 5 inches across. I killed it. A
few days later my tuxedo cat IKE disappeared. Karma? I never kill
spiders any more. When I see one in the house, I carefully capture it
in a jar and set it free outside. I don't know if they can survive
outside in the winter but I give them the chance.
Big spiders are the one thing that creep me out too, I am OK with anything
I figure that it's not their fault I don't like them, and I would hate to
kill them so I've devised a method to catch them so I can put them outside.
I can't do the glass over them with cardboard slipped underneath as it makes
them run up into the glass and I drop it in horror.
So, it's the big fluffy towel, gather the spider up inside it, and shake the
towel outside.
I have a spider that has set up home on my kitchen windowsill, she's been
there for a couple of weeks and has built a typical house spider web between
my spice jars. I know she's a girl by her thingies that poke out in front of
her, boys have lumps on them.
That does not help as she is a big girl, too big for me to deal with.
I need to evict her and must gird my loins soon as I am fed up with her
eyeballing me when I have my breakfast ;-)