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Default Somewhat OT - spiders

hopitus wrote:

If, however, I do see a spider (only kind I see
here are pretty much black widows and small nondescript types) I go
into action to
save it from the Snaginator Mighty Hunter, who is an indoor-only
kinda cat.

If it's a black widow, I'd say you're saving the Snaginator from the
spider rather than the other way around. You don't want him to get
bitten by one of those.

Just did a web search... dogs are virtually immune to redback venom, and
AFAIK, redbacks are just an antipodean cousin to your black widows. Cats are
still far less effected by spider bites, weight for weight, than human
beings (including your brown recluse), but can still show some nasty,
although rarely fatal, effects.

Cats are, apprantley, totally immune to funnelweb spider bites, but as a
USAnian, you don't have to worry about funnelwebs anyway.