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On 2017-12-08 11:23 AM, Judith Latham wrote:

It is so annoying to have this happen. It happens, as you say, with all
sorts of things. When you find something good, they stop selling it or
even worse, they 'improve' it. new and improved invariably means poorer
quality and less value for money.

Almost always. It's very annoying. My sister's dog likes a particular
kind of toy duck. My sister likes it because it's one of the few toys
the dog doesn't destroy very quickly. Of course, now she can't find that
type of duck locally! I found one in my area last year, and again this
year I found a similar duck in a different store, although it looks a
bit less sturdy than the original. It's astonishing how many wrong kinds
of duck show up when you google "dog toy duck"

I give Sootie Purina chicken and rice for her dry food and she enjoys it.

Kerry is currently on pricey hypoallergenic cat food from the vet in an
effort to see if her fur-chewing-off is due to allergies. Fortunately,
she likes it. Neither of my cats are particularly fussy eaters. Cinnamon
is eating some senior food passed on by a friend whose cat turned up his
nose at it. Kerry likes that, too, so poor Cinnamon isn't free fed any
more. She gets her food in the privacy of the bedroom, with Kerry shut
out, morning and evening.

As for Kerry, I can't figure out what might be stressing her - the
fur-chewing started after the rather difficult first introduction to
Cinnamon had seemed to settle into fairly peaceful co-existence. She's
been checked, re-checked and treated for fleas even though no evidence
of them was spotted. I tried Feliway to no effect. The vet is reluctant
to resort to drugs, especially as it turns out Kerry has a heart murmur,
so I'm trying six weeks or so on the special food. It's only been a
couple weeks so far, so it's not surprising there's no change yet.