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Default Buffy on the sofa

Buffy rarely snoozes on the sofa in the living room. I took a pic of
her looking very comfy a few days ago:

Here's a funny memory. When I brought my cat Persia (RB 2014) here my
mother insisted I get a sheet out of the closet and cover the sofa with
it. When I asked why she said, "I don't want her fur to stain the
sofa." Surely she meant "shed" not "stain"? Mom knew nothing about
cats. I laughed and said, "She doesn't use cheap hair dye, Mom!" Of
course I complied. Her house, her sofa.

Buffy mostly ignores the sofa. Ah, but the seasons are changing. The
sun is coming in through the windows at a different angle. After 2-1/2
years she's finally noticing the sofa is a comfortable sunny spot when
the sun is just right.