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MaryL -out-the-litter wrote:

it is clear that he is eating too much--and my concern is for possible
health issues, not "looks."

"I'm concerned for you health" is just politically correct speech for
"I don't like how you look".

Think about it. People are urged to eat "diet food" full of nasty
chemicals, to take diet pills, some of which have killed people (only
taken off the market *after* the deaths), others of which have caused
heart damage, addiction, and emotional instability, and to have their
bodies carved up so they can't eat more than a few tablespoonfuls at a
time, often having a life of poor nutrition, horrible digestive problems,
and sometimes even life-threatening medical issues. And it's all in the
name of "health".

Fortunately, nobody has proposed putting cats on speed or giving them
stomach-stapling operations, but as soon as there's some money in it,
you can be sure it will happen.

I'm all for healthy eating - for humans and cats. But when someone says
"I'm just concerned about your health" (or your cat's health) because they
think you or kitty are too fat, I'm pretty skeptical. Such people don't
exactly have a great track record of being seriously interested in health.
Not with the kinds of scary "solutions" that are usually offered. Get
away from me with that scalpel, doc.

Not saying I might not become concerned if one of my cats got a bit too
chubby, and I might cut down a bit on their food and try to get them
running around more. But there's so much hysteria about the "obesity
epidemic" right now that I don't trust anyone who gets all fired up and
righteous about it. Weight-loss is big business. Really *BIG* business -
in the multiple billions. Follow the money.

How come we never hear about the health dangers of pesticides, antibiotics,
hormones, food additives and preservatives, and removal of the nutritious
parts of food by over-processing? Or about how sick people get from air,
water and ground pollution? I guess when someone comes up with a pill to
cure illnesses from environmental problems, then we'll hear about it.

Joyce ^..^

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