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This message is really from my girlfriend who has two older, much more
disciplined dogs, one white and one brown american bulldog, both listen
very well and love to cuddle. They are girls and once they bond with
you they are freakin protective. I have been with my baby for over a
year and her dogs listen to me the same way they listen to her. They
run up to the door and wag their tails with excitement when you walk
through the door, we are moving soon so please some one out there try
to give these dogs or maybe just one of them a loving home. Both are
pure breeds, one is nuetered and the other breedable.
Cell...... 954/815-1038 Jeff, These dogs will keep you company and
protection and are not hard headed, they are easily befriended but will
attack someone else for you if you feed them and shower them.