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On 11/14/2018 1:58 PM, jmcquown wrote:
On 11/14/2018 4:45 PM, Dan Mahoney wrote:
On Wed, 14 Nov 2018 07:51:56 -0600, Kitten wrote:

Hehe, funny - sorry for your fingers.
I saw squirrel in the subject and thought of Rat, she also reminded
me of a
squirrel, I didn't know she had more in common with them than looks.
She also earnt some fame for missing the target, hands, fingers or
bowl, but
whether it was epilepsy related, simply poor vision or a combo of both,
can't be sure.
You'd hear this clunk sound and it was Rat going for nibbles and
the side of the metal bowl instead...
Thanks for tidbit of info, I wouldn't have guessed.

Our squirrels are getting bolder. I worked from home yesterday (quite
a hardship, sitting on a comfortable couch with a grey kitty stretched
out on my lap) and in the early afternoon I started hearing the screen
door rattle. When I looked out the fron door there were no people
present, only squirrels. Apparently they have taken to scratching my
screen door when they want service.

Dan!* Haven't seen you in ages.* Good to hear from you again.

The squirrels around here aren't that bold.* They just slink around
hoping for bird seed on the patio.* My cat (Buffy) doesn't pay them (or
the birds) much attention.* She does notice the deer that wander up to
the patio lookng for bird seed.* What the heck are those big four legged
creatures?* She's fascinated by deer.


My mother used to have a little toy poodle who thought she was a big
dog. She often chased much larger dogs. However, deer were another
story. My mother moved to a place where the deer came into her yard.
The dog didn't see any deer. ;-)